Bio: This is a blog about choice. I’ve battled with my own values and beliefs around single parenting, love, career and money to become the person I am today, and to make the choices I’ve made. My intention is that through sharing my journey about choice, changing values and the impact external influences can have, that I can help, inspire or support other women (and men) who are at a cross-roads, young entrepreneurs, or single parents. If that is you, I’m here to say, “This can be done”. The hardest road is the road less travelled – but also the most rewarding. I know, because that was the choice I made. I hope some of you will be inspired and follow me on my journey. this is my story.

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  1. I love this. You’re amazing. I’m a single mother in the military, and have to battle with men (and women) every day who have no idea how tough it is. It’s so nice to see someone else facing the same difficulties but loving it too! Xx

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  2. Hi Rachel

    Thank you for creating a blog about your journey! I too, was in a similar situation to you… I was in an extremely unhealthy relationship and (after one too many) years of mistreatment, I finally built up the courage to leave the father of my beautiful daughter and embarked on a new journey.

    It took many, many years of soul-searching and self-discovery to pull myself out of the very dark place I was in… The good news is, I finally did it! And now, I can truly say things are amazing.

    My daughter is well and happy, I submitted an application to study a Bachelor of Law and now only have just over a year before I graduate! Hooray!

    I ultimately want to establish a housing for single mothers who have had it tough and show them if I can get my act together and establish a new path for myself, they can too! (This is a ‘long story short version’ ha ha!)

    Anyway, I wish you all the very best on your journey, I have the utmost faith that you will succeed in your life and look forward to reading about it!

    From one mother to another and with lots of love and light



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