On Dating and Relationships

I just checked the timestamp on my last blog – FOUR MONTHS AGO. Woops. The lack of blogging isn’t out of laziness. I actually don’t know what to write anymore…. because I am no longer a “Single Mumpreneur”. I’m having an identity crisis and my blog is a victim. Do I stop blogging now I am in a relationship? Do I change the name of my blog? Is what I write still worthy of a blog? Does anyone still read my blogs? I think I need a sav blanc, stat.

In the past four months, boyfriend and I have been on our first overseas adventure together, moved out of the honeymoon phase and into the “we have a kid and two dogs and private health and a joint bank account and we’re getting fatter because we’re in love and keep eating fancy food” phase. We’re about to move house which is a bit exciting – is it just me or is moving house just one of the most magic experiences one can have – I seriously wished I could move house all the time. Voms.

But we’re excited. Despite the physical, emotional and financial stresses of moving, a fresh home and a fresh start is always a positive, and we can put the Christmas tree up straight away too.

But back to the blog.

I now find myself in some sort of weird grey area – I’m a single mum with a partner. I parent my child, and I’m coaching boyfriend to parent in the same vein that I do, and goddamn I’m in love with someone who likes to parent his own way. Why won’t he listen to me. Why can’t be parent like me. I guess I assumed I could train him to parent like me because he’s new to the parenting thing, and would see the sense in everything I do. Nope. Not this guy. Sometimes it goes well, him doing the improv step dad. And other times, I have to bite my tongue with the “See, I told you so, na na na na na”. Who’s the parent now.

But in all fairness, he does a cracker job. Our house is full of love. He’s crazy about Emmie. Even though he asked if we could separate and get back together when she turns four (terrible twos, my god she can be a turd). I’ve got him now haha.

I started this blog when I was six months pregnant. I blogged about being pregnant and single, giving birth without a partner (but two amazing friends were there to feed me gummy bears and watch me yell at the midwives), and living alone with my daughter from day one to 18 months. In that time, I’ve had messages and emails from single mums and dads from all over the world, sharing their unique story with me and thanking me for sharing mine, because now they feel less alone, and more empowered and that yes, they can do this. And that makes me so humble and so happy that I’ve helped someone feel better about themselves, feel more confident and less alone.

And so, I’m going to take this blog, and turn it into a book. A book for single mums, single dads, parents-to-be. In the chance that it might help just a few more people realise they’re incredible, indestructible and supported.


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