I’m a crazy woman and i’m saying yes to everything

I’m actually crazy guys. Bat. Shit. Cray.

I’ve been dating a guy for five seconds and we’ve moved in together. Why? Because it felt right.

I’ve said yes to every speaking gig that has come my way in the last two months. Why? Because I loooove talking to people. On stage. It pumps me up. So let’s do more of that.

I’ve pitched for the biggest client that has come across my path…. and landed them. I didn’t even have to tender. It was a referral. And I am loving the work we are doing together.

I have absolutely no idea how to fit my work, my toddler, my man, my new house, finishing moving into my new house, two dogs, SELF LOVE, my family and friends into a week. But somehow I am.

I am pushing my comfort zones out and doing so much I didn’t think was humanly possible for a self-employed single mum of a toddler (I know, we’re going to have to address the “single mum” title at some point, but not now you guys).

If I could go back in time and talk to the Rachel who was six weeks pregnant and deciding what to do – to have a baby or to abort a surprise pregnancy, who was wondering how her business would ever grow if she went ahead and became a single mum… who wondered if she would ever meet the man of her dreams if she had a toddler on her hip… who wondered if she would ever be so busy but coping so well. I would say YES YOU SEXY GODDESS OF A WOMAN. You don’t even know it, but in a few years you will be kicking ass in your business, in your industry, helping more people than ever before. You will live in a beautiful house. You will have an AMAZING man who loves and adores you and your daughter. You will move from strength to strength, using adversity and whatever crap the universe throws your way as fuel. You have a cute AF kid who has the most inspirational role model she could ask for.

I’m also realising that the more I do and the more I take on and the more I say yes to – the more I need to say no to. So I’ve also started saying no to people. No to prospects who want a discount. No to people who want me to party a little harder or stay out a little later. No to business opportunities that don’t align with my personal beliefs and values. No to money making opportunities that energetically don’t sit well with me. No to anything that doesn’t bring a smile to my face.

And this is an awesome thing to have power over – the feeling of steering my life forward in whatever direction I choose.

My Children.

My Children.


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