Comfort Zones: Emily’s First Night Away From Me

Trying to stay positive is a real challenge today.

I haven’t seen Emily since 5:30pm yesterday arvo, and when I left her dads house, she was crying (because she was hungry, not because I was leaving… but still it doesn’t help).

I just had a conversation with good friend single mum Ash, and I said, “I feel like my home isn’t even a home. Without Em, it’s just a shell”. Gah. And then I started crying.

And then my single mama friend Sienna rings me in that exact moment, listens to me crying down the phone and tells me it’s going to be ok, and that Emily is fine, and that I just need to be kinder to myself – today was always going to be a hard day. Focus on all the great things happening to me at the moment.

So I am.

My business had its most profitable month EVER in November.
We had a record week last week and doubled our turnover.
I’m launching a new product on January 1st which will change the way I do business FOREVER.
I’m launching a second business on January 1st which I am super excited about.
I am fit, healthy and I’m making gourmet angus rump honey soy kebabs from our local butcher for our dinner.
We have a beautiful Christmas Tree.
Last night, I had dinner with my family who were incredibly supportive.
I caught up with three friends who looked after me to stop me from going home to an empty house.

Really, Emily and I are very, very lucky women, surrounded by so much love, and a very bright future.


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