The secret to true productivity

It’s been a crazy week in my household. With a team member resigning earlier this week, my workload has doubled – combining that with raising a toddler on my own comes with its challenges! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I coped. Today, I cracked.

I took Emily out for breakfast at our favourite cafe. She’s walking now and this cafe was nearly empty with beautiful gardens for her to walk through, and rather than stop and enjoy watching her celebrate her newfound mobility, the voice in my head thought, “this is great, she’s going to tire herself out and sleep this morning for hours and I’ll be able to get heaps of work done”.

Emily, the greenthumb, running amok in the herbs.

Emily, the greenthumb, running amok in the herbs.

And of course, she only slept for 45 minutes. Less than half I’d hoped for. And instead of ploughing through my to-do list while I could, I found myself staring at my screen like a zombie.

I made it through to lunch time and that’s when I cracked. I realised that I wasn’t focussing on what’s most important to me. Instead of focussing on my why (my passion, my love, my drive), I’d been too busy thinking about work, my to-do list and all the things I’d do when Emily slept. And this realisation made me feel like the worst person in the world. My focus and my life perspective was completely off-kilter.

I cried. I cleaned my kitchen. I felt a bit better. I had a cup of tea and a vent with a close friend (PS LOVED my crazy tea!). I felt much better.

Some truths I learned today:

  1. The secret to true productivity is to focus on your why.
  2. It doesn’t matter how productive you are if you aren’t working with purpose, passion or direction.
  3. If you feel unproductive, stop. re-centre your self. What are you doing this for? Why?



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