Are You On The Bus?

I love taking action. As a sole business owner, one of the perks is being able to make a decision at the click of my fingers. I love the freedom that comes with that, and the weight of the risk that is on my shoulders alone (I feel powerful!). On the flip side, making decisions to do with the business, household decisions and relationship decisions no longer impact me alone. There is a certain amount of risk I can still take, but now I need to be more cautious – I have a little one who is impacted by my every choice.

This year I’ve been going through an internal transformation. 2015 was always meant to be a year of change. January and February I have spent planning, manifesting, dreaming, conjuring and verbalising what I want. I could also honestly say that those two months were also me procrastinating a little bit – not out of laziness, but out of fear. Fear of making a mistake that I can’t get myself and my daughter out of.

I was asking myself, how do I want to live, as Rachel McLean, every day? What do I say to myself when I wake up? What attitude do I carry around throughout the day, how do I respond to challenges and how do I respond to challenging people? Where and to whom do I look for support? How can I make support more accessible? These were all the questions floating in my head that needed answers.

March is ACTION MONTH. I am no longer on maternity leave. I’m working 20-25 hours a week, from home, with an 8 month old bub hanging off me (she’s teething at the moment and learning to stand up). So I would equate that to working a 24-7 job AND working part time in another business. Yes, I’m insane. But I know I can totally KICK ASS at this and everything else i set my mind to.

So how am I taking action this month? Well, for starters, I’m moving house. Emily and I are moving into the perfect home for us that ticks every box and more! McLean Social Media has recommended Social Media Bootcamps for business owners – last Friday’s bootcamp was a raving success! We’re about to launch a new company website, I’m learning some new recipes and I’m achieving some INCREDIBLE things with my fitness. I’m no longer accepting other people’s bullshit stories. I’m calling them on it and giving them an opportunity to see things differently. I am teaching the people in my life how to love me, respect me and support me. If you’re on the bus, you’re on the bus. If you’re off the bus, see you later.

My number one tip as a single mum but also as a business owner is: Go where the people are. The supportive people. And stop trying to change the people who aren’t. Accept them for who they are and move on. And MOVE ON. Literally and figuratively. Haul Ass, because you’re going places.


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