Having The Right Support Network

I’ve been feeling under a lot of pressure the past few weeks. Pressure to be a “present” parent, pressure to do more and be more involved in my business and pressure to SOMEHOW give myself the right about of Me Time. Of course, all this pressure is self-imposed and just based on my own expectations of myself, but that doesn’t make it any less real or less intense.

Last week I put a post on social media about asking for support and shared that asking for support is something I do find quite challenging at times (I am actively working on this). The most important part of asking for support is to make sure you are asking the right people who can give the right kind of support you need.

At the time, I felt isolated and alone, but I also knew I had an abundance of supportive people around me. I know other single parents often feel the same. So what was wrong?

I realised that I was looking to certain people for support, and they weren’t delivering what I wanted. All I could focus on was my disappointment and loneliness in the face of not receiving the support I had built an expectation around getting from these people. What I didn’t realise, was that I could have been focussing on the incredible motivation, love and encouragement I WAS ALREADY RECEIVING from other people in my life. I was just so focussed on the negative and what I didn’t have that I just couldn’t see it at the time.

I decided to change my focus and look at what I do have… and the love and encouragement coming my way is astounding. More and more I understand the importance of looking for the positive in every scenario that comes my way and the power of surrounding myself with supportive people. And even more importantly – that sometimes, support doesn’t come from the people you’d like it to. And that’s ok. Because if you look elsewhere, support will be coming from somewhere – sometimes from somewhere unexpected!



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