My baby is learning sign language

Quick, someone make me a little badge of honour! Or hand me a trophy. I’ve just survived my first shared sickness with my child. I don’t know who gave it to who… the little monkey may’ve given it to me or me to her. Either way, things looked bad for a day or two and it could have turned into Bronchiolitis (Kryptonite for young bubs) but it seems we are on the mend! #goodparenting!

It’s been a stressful week. A challenge to stay as calm as possible and focus on recovery and care. It’s a new feeling, feeling like crap and not being able to lie in bed all day, because you have to get up and look after a little monkey who also feels like crap and you can’t explain to her why. THAT is exhausting. Someone suggested to me last week to teach her sign language so we can communicate before English comes in. Sign language would have been perfect in this situation. Emily could tell me “More milk”, “What the hell is wrong with me?” or “I’m crying because you put me down again, I’m sick you twisted lady, hold me”. The week would have gone by alot more stress-free that way.

If you’re a single parent, and you’ve experienced being sick while your kid is sick, I know you get it. If you’re a parent with a useless other half, I know you get it too. And if you’re about to be a parent, congratulations and I hope this is a little pep talk for the future 😉

It’s also been a challenge fighting the urge to stress about business, clients, meetings and all those work-related tasks that wouldn’t get done this week. January has already been such a strong month for me and my team, and having to “step out” for bed rest and looking after a sick baby hasn’t come naturally to me. Knowing that the more I stress, the longer it will take both myself and Emily to recover also doesn’t help.

I see this week not as a write-off, but as a new experience – part of the new life of being a mum. I am consciously aware that one of my personal challenges is facing unknown or unfamiliar situations – doing things i’ve never done before. This is one of those times. But hey, we’re both alive, and in good spirits. And now I’m better prepared for the next challenge life throws at me.


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