It’s not my circus; they’re not my monkeys

I know in the past I have found myself working really hard to fit in with the people around me, often sacrificing what I really think/feel/want in the process. And i find myself thinking, what is the point of living like this if I’m so focused on what other people MIGHT think that I forget to focus on myself?

This morning I’m reflecting on my life and moments where I lived this way. And i am so grateful that I have the power to make different choices now.

I know some of my choices piss other people off, or upset them, or rub them the wrong way. And that’s ok. As long as I’m being my authentic self and doing things for the right reasons (for ME). There is always going to be at least one person who gets pissed off/upset. Someone said to me recently, “remember, it’s not your circus; they’re not your monkeys”. Don’t let other people draw your focus away from working on yourself.


One thought on “It’s not my circus; they’re not my monkeys

  1. By fulfilling your need for self-love and finding that balance, you will step away from the norm of sacrificing too much of yourself for others. And the truth of it is: those who are pissed off, are not at you, yet with themselves for not doing what you’re doing.
    Empowerment happens when you love yourself more than another person can, and that happiness and joy is what you navigate your world by. So march on, brave and beautiful one.
    My blessings to you…


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